Out and About for Breakfast in Williamsburg

Every day at the Fife and Drum, we serve our delicious breakfast from 8-9 in the morning, and do we ever know how to satisfy a crowd! But what to do if you’re planning on drawing the curtains, blocking out the sun, and catching up on some much needed shut-eye? If the aroma of our delicious french toast bake doesn’t wake you…if the fresh brewed coffee doesn’t drag you out of bed and down the hall…you’re going to need a backup plan. And we’re ready to help you out! If you’re trying to catch a few extra winks, let us tell you where to go–no matter how late you’re ready to start your morning.

Walking distance:

The Blue Talon Bistro, right across the street, has to be one of the cheeriest places in town to wake up and smell the espresso! Good, strong coffee flows freely as an accompaniment to a sophisticated breakfast menu ranging from brie and fresh pastries (baked in-house!) to our favorite, the decadent truffled eggs plate.

Skipping distance: 

Williamsburg is graced with a massive array of pancake houses, and each of them has their specialties. Head over to the Southern Pancake and Waffle House for bacon pancakes (that’s right, baked right into the batter!), or to the Colonial Pancake House for classics in a staple location–as a bonus, they also have a robust gluten-free pancake menu.

stack of pancakes on white plate

If you’re a bright-eyed morning person and are looking for stimulating conversation early in the day–first off, allow us to congratulate you–head over to Food for Thought for an extensive menu paired with conversation cards on the table and dialogue-provoking quotes painted on the walls. You’ll leave with a mind as full as your belly.

Hiking distance:

Yes, we are telling you to take the time to drive and get donuts. But really, the ones being served up at Duck Donuts are worth it. This East Coast specialty shop makes each donut to order, and serves great coffee to boot! Just a few years ago we had to drive down to North Carolina anytime we had the craving, so we’re thrilled that they’ve made their way up the coast! (They also serve breakfast sandwiches…on donuts. Trust us, they’re good.)

chocolate covered donut on white plate

This is just a smattering of lovely places to eat, read the paper, and get your first jolt of caffeine in Williamsburg. Where will we find you after a lazy morning at the Fife and Drum? Let us know! 

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