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Accessibility Information

Property Accessibility Statement

  • All rooms and suites of the Inn are located on the second floor of the Hitchens Building.
  • The Inn does not have an elevator or lift.
  • To reach the second floor, guests will traverse a 16-step staircase. The stairway is about 5 feet wide and has sturdy iron rails.
  • Please let us know if you have a physical challenge. We can advise you of our capacity to minimize it.

Historic Area Accessibility Information

As the historic area is about a mile long and a third of a mile wide, you will spend a lot of time walking. The Colonial Williamsburg buses are designed to accommodate wheelchairs, and some major buildings have lifts. If you can manage a few steps to get into buildings, you should be able to see the inside of many exhibitions. A great alternative is to call Williamsburg Mobility. We have had several guests use them for scooter rentals. They will drop off and pick up right to the door of the Inn.

Please contact us at the links/phone number below for additional assistance.

Website Accessibility Statement

Fife and Drum Inn is committed to making our website accessible to people with disabilities.

We have designed our website to be accessible for impaired users to see, navigate, interact, and understand the content provided as per the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Level AA (WCAG 2.0 AA).

We have tested this website's functionality with the Google Chrome Accessibility Audit tool and manually tested keyboard-only functionality so that people who use screen readers or can't use a mouse can efficiently navigate through the website pages

We will continue to make every effort to meet evolving accessibility standards.

We appreciate your concerns and suggestions as we continue to improve our website functionality. We welcome impaired users to share accessibility issues you may find.