Heartwarming Virginia Stories in the Midst of Covid-19

There's a lot of news out there, and sometimes it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the information. Things are changing every day, and though we know eventually our lives will begin to return to normal, we all need a little encouragement right now. The good news is...there's good news and lots of it! There are beautiful, selfless acts of kindness happening all around us every day, so why not dwell on those today? We've compiled some of our favorite heartwarming local stories to shed some loving light on all the good happening in Virginia...

Busch Gardens Cares logo

-Everyone knows and loves Busch Gardens, but did you know that last month they donated a total of 10,000 pounds of food to Grove Christian Outreach Center? That's a lot of food! They teamed up to provide families with fresh produce, milk, and snacks. Even if we can't enjoy the sights of our favorite theme park yet, this story brought a smile to our faces.

-A little farther north, D.C.-based freelance cartoonist gives of his time and expertise by hosting free drawing tutorials for aspiring artists of all ages on Facebook live. Local families have been able to enjoy a fun, creative activity together, and all thanks to an artist's generosity!

-In the wake of so many school closings, meals for many families have become a great concern. Well, one local food truck, Matchsticks BBQ Co., has dedicated itself to offering free barbecue meals every Thursday to kids and families who depended on school lunches. They're making a difference in Williamsburg, one meal at a time.

-Even closer to home, the Colonial Williamsburg culinary team has been cooking up a storm! Not only did they provide 900 families with a special Easter dinner, but they've been consistently teaming up with Meals on Wheels, the Williamsburg House of Mercy, and the Village Initiative to prepare more than 2,000 meals every week! We're so proud of the CW foundation and all the resources they've been able to offer so generously.

Fine Signs in Williamsburg

-While many Virginia workers are currently out of work, there are also others on the front lines every day, and Fine Signs in Williamsburg is showing their appreciation. They've donated signs that say "Heroes Work Here" to hospitals on the peninsula, and now their signs can be seen at local post offices too. It's a subtle but powerful "thank you" to those on whom we depend.

-For those that are most at-risk, Carter Myers Automotive in Williamsburg has created an errands helpline. From grocery shopping to picking up prescriptions, they're also working with Meals on Wheels and have even set up a blood drive in one of their showrooms!

-Here's something to celebrate: Jane Ferguson in Virginia Beach turned 105 yesterday! She wasn't able to celebrate with her family in person, but what a Zoom call that must have been!

-We're so disappointed for all the William & Mary students who have been stuck at home but are just as proud of juniors Sonia Kinkhabwala and Mary Pelson for their wonderful idea. They've created a pen-pal program that matches up students with Williamsburg senior citizens as a way to connect to the place they consider home. Over 150 students have signed up so far!

-And finally, a reminder to love: school counselor Katie Gaylord has teamed up with Custom Ink to create a T-shirt fundraiser. The shirt says "Virginia is For Kindness", and we couldn't agree more. As of now, they've raised $7,240 for the Virginia Peninsula Foodbank!

Virginia is for Kindness t-shirt

We hope these stories of hope bring you some joy in midst of this crazy time. Hold each other close, and we can't wait to see you in the (hopefully near) future!

Do you know someone who is showing kindness in the midst of a crisis? Leave us a comment to let us know, or tag us online at @fifeanddruminn. Stay safe out there!

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