April Showers and Their Flowers

April Showers and Their Flowers

April showers bring…May flowers? Wait a minute…

With the seasons being as unpredictable as they are in Virginia, our gardens don’t always follow the proverbial norms. This year spring came early, which means that our gardens are more awake than usual! Grab your windbreaker and check them out!

When you think of Colonial Williamsburg, you probably think first of the historic structures and costumed interpreters–but the gardens are just as special. Did you know that there are unique 18th-century strains of plants cultivated here? The 26 historic plots take a fantastic team of horticulturists to keep them up, and you can learn more about the process through the official garden tours available to ticketed guests.

In addition to the professionals, the gardens (and the famous boxwood shrubs) are maintained by volunteer Master Gardeners from the area. Stop by the Reid and Shields gardens Tuesday and Friday mornings in the season to witness them work, and come with questions! 

shovel digging into dirt

We’re also very lucky to be 20 minutes from the Williamsburg Botanical Garden, which is open every day of the year from 7:00 in the morning until sunset. Check out their calendar for a listing of fun, family-friendly events–there’s a surprising amount that goes on, and most of it–like their admission–is free!

Whether you learn anything, or just stop by to admire, the gardens are waiting for you to enjoy.

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