6 Ways to Welcome Spring During Quarantine

6 Ways to Welcome Spring During Quarantine

These certainly are unprecedented times in Virginia, and indeed all over the world. Due to the rapid spread of Covid-19, we are currently in the throws of a mandatory state-wide quarantine, which has greatly altered the schedule and the view of our beloved Colonial Williamsburg. We are currently embracing those close to us and spending most of our time at home, but also making the most of it! The silver lining in all this is the beautiful onset of spring, which began officially only last week. Today we're sharing 6 lovely ways to welcome the season while doing your part to stop the spread....

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1. Cook

Why not take advantage of all the fantastic fresh fruits and vegetables that are coming into the season? Even if you can't go out to enjoy a meal, this time provides an opportunity to hone your skills in the kitchen. An evening at home can become a fun culinary journey with the right ingredients. And if you need some inspiration for creative recipes, check out last year's foodie blog post, or maybe invest in a Colonial Williamsburg cookbook!

2. Open the Windows

The weather is warming up, right to that perfect spring temperature. It's amazing how refreshing a little natural breeze can bring such life into the home, so open up those windows! With the streets so quiet, you can hear the birds singing and new leaves rustling in the trees. Fresh air does us so much good!

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3. Get Inspired (read a book!)

If you're like us and can tire easily of screens, make it a point to invest time every day in a book that sparks creativity. Whether it's a travel memoir, a new informative book on gardening, or maybe something unexpected that just invigorates you, go for it! Keep your brain sharp and your imagination free to roam.

4. Get Outdoors

All of the local events have had to adjust their schedules, but Mother Nature runs on her own time. And right now,  she's gorgeous! Weather permitting, try to make it a point every day to get outside for at least 30 minutes; it will do so much to re-energize your day. You can maintain social distancing while enjoying the great outdoors, whether you're walking your dog, playing frisbee with a loved one, or maybe taking a meal outside for a picnic. Williamsburg has so many beautiful trails and outdoor spaces, it would take all spring to cover them all!

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5. Bring the Outdoors To You

Spring is the season of new life and what better way to embrace it than to welcome nature into your home with an indoor herb garden! On your next grocery haul, stop and smell all those fresh bulbs and herbs and pick one or two.

Pro-tip: remember all those tea tins you've collected from The Cheese Shop? Turn those empty tea tins into fresh decorative planters! You're helping the environment through recycling, the population through social distancing, and your taste buds by incorporating fresh herbs. Win-win-win!

6. Listen Up

Welcome something new into your day-to-day with podcasts. There are so many to choose from, no matter your interest (and it's a great way to pique a new interest too). You can listen to them while exercising, cleaning your home, cooking, falling asleep, really any time. Whether informative or fun, this is a great way to go screen-free for a little while. Our recommendation: start with Past & Present, Colonial Williamsburg's own podcast!

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While this time of social distancing and quarantine may be a challenge for us all, we at the Inn, like so many others, are determined to make the most of it. The spring season offers so much beauty every year, and this year is no different in that regard. We hope you are able to enjoy it to the fullest, whatever your circumstance, and we can't wait to see you in the summer!

All of us at the Fife and Drum Inn wish health to you and yours.

How are you spending your quarantine? Leave us a comment to let us know, or tag us online at @fifeanddruminn. We'll see you soon!

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