4 Signs that Confirm You’re Staying at a Good Williamsburg Bed & Breakfast

When you’re traveling, you often know right away whether or not you’re comfortable in your accommodations. Those bed and breakfasts, inns and hotels that put that extra bit of effort into guest experience feel most like a home away from home. It’s our goal to make sure guests staying at our Williamsburg Bed & Breakfast leave feeling completely satisfied, relaxed and maybe even promising to return soon! But do you know what to look for to confirm you’ve chosen a great place to stay? Here are our suggestions:

1. Reviews from former guests: reviews on websites like Yelp speak volumes about what you can realistically expect when you arrive at your facility. To be fair, it’s been proven that patrons are more inclined to post reviews to warn people of bad experiences, but thankfully there are still lots of people out there who jump at the chance to recommend a business to strangers after a positive visit. If a bad review is posted, most good business owners will address the comment or concern on a public forum, too, so guests know whether steps are being taken to improve. Check out our Yelp page and our TripAdvisor page.

2 The faces behind the business: the hospitality industry should center around just that — hospitality. Consider your experience on the telephone while booking your B&B, or with the innkeeper while you’re checking in. Often, a business is a reflection of its employees. Look for hosts that greet you with a smile, are happy to answer your questions and gracious for your business.

3 Details: from the over all cleanliness of the B&B to the energy put into planning the décor and “feel” of the space, small details can tell you a lot about how much an innkeeper cares about their guests’ comfort and experience. A dirty or undecorated room shows a lack of consideration for details. On the other hand, a room that boasts thoughtful decorations and an air of pristine cleanliness is proof that a business is well cared for. Take a moment to visit the guests rooms at our B&B in historic downtown Williamsburg!

4 Social media and blogs: social media can be a customer’s best friend. If you’re trying to find a new place to stay on your vacation and want to know more about a certain B&B, here’s the secret – check out their Facebook page or go to their website’s blog. Most B&Bs post and update frequently to keep guests informed and provide some background about the business. Visit our Facebook page here!

What qualities do you look for when finding a place to stay on vacation? What is important to you?

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