Explore Williamsburg on Foot via a Walking Tour

Williamsburg is one of the most popular places tourists choose to visit in Virginia. It’s not hard to see why. It has a history that stretches back to the 1600’s and played an early role in events that culminated in the American Revolution. In addition to this people love to visit Colonial Williamsburg, which is known and referred to as a living museum. This is because many of the buildings are as much as three hundred years old, and feel as if they have the power to spirit you back to those times. People still live and work here, and yet you can enjoy exploring the area in great detail during your stay.

In fact one of the best ways to get around Williamsburg as a whole is to do it on foot. You don’t need to go it alone either, as there are some superb walking tours that open the door to Williamsburg’s historic past, not to mention sharing a few ghosts with you along the way.

The Ghosts of Colonial Williamsburg

Given the long history of this place it is perhaps no big surprise to learn there are ghosts here. A ghost tour takes place every night throughout the year if you have the nerve to take it. Once you have arrived in Williamsburg you can work out which night you want to take the tour and book and pay for your tickets online. If you wish and if you are feeling brave you can always upgrade to take the extreme tour, which is designed for adults rather than children. There is no guarantee you will see any ghosts during the tour, but if you bring a camera you should make a point of checking your photos after the tour has ended. Some people have found strange lights and orbs on their pictures ones they never spotted when the tour was taking place.

Explore the History of Williamsburg during daylight hours

If you cannot quite find the nerve to take the ghostly tour, there is a Williamsburg walking tour that delves back into history during the day. This brings to life Colonial Williamsburg in an altogether different way. You’ll need to devote a couple of hours to the tour but it is well worth it. It is arguably the best way to find out the colonial history of the area and how Williamsburg first came to be all those centuries ago.

The walk is well within the reach of most people as well, since it is around a mile and a half in length. This is a leisurely walk through some of the highlights of Colonial Williamsburg, offering a wonderful view into the past where you can find out when and how the buildings were first built. You will also discover which famous people came from this area, and understand more about its architecture and what has made it as famous and much loved as it is today. It is possible to book a private tour if you wish, but most tour groups are small anyway so you will still have the opportunity to ask questions and enjoy learning much about the area as part of a group.

The most exciting thing about taking a walking tour is that it provides you with a far superior alternative to a guide book. Guide books can be extremely useful in helping you plan what you want to see and do during your time in Williamsburg. However who would want to spend all their time with their nose in a book when they could happily follow a guide around the area, knowing they will see the best parts of Williamsburg whether they are ghostly or not.

This provides the reason why these tours are incredibly popular and well worth taking. If you want to find out as much as you can about the beginnings of this area and how it has become the destination it is today, taking a walking tour is the best way to do it.

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