Another tip Billy gave us was to take the Colonial Parkway from Williamsburg to Jamestown. It was a beautiful drive.

~ Becky

Colonial Parkway

The Colonial Parkway is a scenic 23 mile drive linking the three significant historic attractions. It is a 10 mile drive from Williamsburg to Jamestown. The drive carries you through the woods and over creeks to the edge of the James River. There are pull offs to enjoy the view, with markers of historical interest. Yorktown is 13 miles from Williamsburg in the opposite direction. Like the Jamestown trip, the road carries you through the beautiful scenery of Virginia woods and waterways.

The design of the Parkway was intended to provide a protective view shed, with little if any modern intrusion. There are few traffic signs and road markings, giving this aggregate road the feel of a long country road.

bridge surrounded by fall foilage
street with woods on both sides

With the exception of tour buses, commercial vehicles are prohibited from the parkway.

With the initiation of the restoration of Colonial Williamsburg in 1926, a parallel effort was made to create the parkway, with the intention to promote tourism to the area, as well as preserve historic sites. It took 25 years to complete, beginning with the construction of the Yorktown leg, which required the least effort in land acquisition. The progress was slowed during WWII, picking up thereafter, with the completion of the Jamestown leg in 1957, in time for the 350th anniversary celebration at Jamestown.

As you drive the parkway, you will enjoy sighting many varieties of wildlife. In the Jamestown area, the reemergence of the American Bald Eagle has been very strong, and it is very possible you will see one.

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