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9 Tips for Visiting William and Mary Campus

Planning your Visit

We have put together our Top 9 Tips for Visiting William and Mary College to help make your visit go more smoothly.

1. Book a stay near the College

When you visit the William and Mary Campus, you'll want to stay somewhere close by. Look no further than the Fife and Drum Inn, conveniently located just a two-block walk west from the College Admissions Office. We would welcome and take great care of you at our bed and breakfast in Williamsburg.

2. Explore historical sites

Colonial Williamsburg is the largest outdoor living museum in the country and is a must visit. How many other places would you have the unique opportunity to step into a blacksmith or an apothecary role and bring history to life? It's a family-friendly destination and excellent for history buffs.

3. Check out local restaurants

In Colonial Williamsburg, you'll find a variety of down-home good eats and culinary delights. Across from the William and Mary College is the Green Leafe Cafe, known by the locals for being an excellent bar. The Cafe boasts over 150 different types of beer by the bottle and over 30 on tap. See more dining options in the surrounding areas like Yorktown and Jamestown in our Guide to Williamsburg Area Dining.

4. Take time for Breakfast

Another tip is finding good accommodation with a fast breakfast option to get your day started off on the right foot. We offer a continental breakfast, which is available at 8:00 am. You may continue to help yourself, with most items, throughout the day.

Enjoy delights such as Sharon's freshly baked muffin tops created from an old family recipe. You will always find banana and blueberry, but sometimes she bakes up a few with different surprise ingredients. Additional items will include boiled eggs, a variety of instant oatmeal flavors, yogurt, Fife and Drum Inn granola blend, Gluten free granola, orange juice, milk, specialty teas, and coffee.

5. Plan accordingly for weather

The summers in Colonial Williamsburg can be a little warm and sometimes humid, while our winters are a little colder with rain or a little snow even. Did you know that the month of July has the most days of rain? We suggest coming prepared, bringing an umbrella or rain jacket while visiting the area and campus.

6. Explore these fun locations across campus

A great place to lounge on campus, when you're visiting William and Mary College, is at the Sunken Gardens. Here you can relax, play frisbee, take a family photo, or marvel at the two very large oaks that are among the oldest trees on campus.

Another great place to take a family photo during your college tour is on the Crim Dell Bridge. It is tucked away and might be hard to find. Here is a map of a number of secret sites across the campus.

7. Shop at Merchants Square

You'll find something for everyone at Merchants Square, an 18-century style retail village with over 40 shops and restaurants. You might even be able to catch some live music on the outdoor stage. Be sure to check out the website before your visit for upcoming events.

8. Familiarize yourself with a virtual tour

If you can't wait to visit William and Mary in person, a virtual tour is a great way to familiarize yourself with the campus. Visit the W&M's website for more information on a virtual tour.

9. Get to know the students

Every Wednesday at 6pm EST there is a virtual event for students, by students panels! This event showcases several current students who are ready and eager to share their experiences. Contact Admission Counselor Aly Logrono with any questions regarding the For Students, By Students panels!

Now that you know our top 9 tips for your William and Mary visit, you can plan and book your stay with ease. There are plenty of activities, sights, and fine dining to keep you busy. If you want to know more, reach out to us at Fife and Drum Inn and we can help make your visit to Colonial Williamsburg that much better.