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10 Places You'll Love: Dining In Williamsburg

When it comes to breakfast, we’ve got you covered! Our comforting spread is hot and fresh first thing in the morning and is the perfect way to start your Williamsburg day. That can still leave a lot of your stay or vacation to chance, though, with so many options and so little time. Fortunately, you’re in luck! We at the Inn are Williamsburg natives through and through and have local recommendations for just about everything, no matter your taste.

So without further ado, here are 10 fantastic places (you can only find them in Williamsburg) to enjoy the other two meals of the day!

-Retro’s Good Eats: Not ten steps from our front door is this 1950’s-style diner that specializes in classic All-American fare like hot burgers, fries, milkshakes, and floats. Look closer, though, and you’ll find that there are also a few hidden gems, like seared scallops or crepes!

-Blue Talon Bistro: This warm French cafe never disappoints. From the warm decor and outdoor seating to the delicious food and happy homage to Julia Child, it’s one for the true Francophile.

Our suggestion, try either the fresh Illy coffee or the Parisian hot chocolate!

-Amber Ox Public House: This new addition to Prince George street has quickly become a local staple. With a lovely selection of beers from Precarious Beer Project, a hearty and seasonal menu, and regular specials and events, it’s great for a night out for the couple that still likes to keep it casual.

-The Hound’s Tale: The owners describe it best as “English pub-ish.” It’s a cozy little dog-themed pub that is clever, quirky, and still tasty. They’re only open in the evening, so it makes for a great dinner spot. Their menu offers a little bit of everything, and the atmosphere is fun and inviting.

-The College Delly: Truly a staple of Williamsburg natives, this spot is perfect when you need a quick bite or a tasty meal on a budget. While the subs are certainly their claim to fame (the list is extensive!), the Delly is also a great place to find shareables like wings and nachos, as well as Italian and Greek staple dishes. There’s a reason it’s been here for over 40 years!

Our recommendation: try the Burnt Sugar Ice Cream!

-Oishii: Recently reopened after a large re-model, this funky-yet-casual Japanese restaurant specializes in ramen, sushi, and hibachi. They also offer some newer trends like poke bowls and bubble tea; it’s a unique place that offers consistently tasty dishes.

-The Fat Canary: Celebrating an occasion? Craving the finer things in life? This beautiful destination resides within the Cheese Shoppe in Merchants Square, and rests above the Shoppe’s wine cellar. And while the list of signature cocktails and specialty wines is a lengthy adventure, the menu by Executive Chef Thomas Power Jr. is concise and seasonal. Simplicity and excellence, it’s a true Williamsburg fine-dining experiences.

-Chowning’s Tavern: We would be remiss without mentioning an opportunity to dine like the founding fathers. This alehouse tavern is warm, authentic, and historic, but not by sacrificing flavor! Try the signature Shepherd’s Pye and satisfying trenchers served in bread bowls for a truly Colonial meal.


No matter what you’re in the mood for, it’s so easy to have a delicious, one-of-a-kind meal in Williamsburg. Why not click on a couple and give them a try?

And, we should mention, ALL of these fantastic local eateries are no more than a 10-minute walk from the Fife and Drum Inn. It really pays off to stay local and right in the heart of town; sweet dreams are only a few steps away!

Have a memory of your favorite Williamsburg meal? Comment below and let us know!